Kenneth C. Williams will provide the morning and afternoon keynote address at ADM’s third annual Experiencing Success Today conference on February 15, 2019.

 Morning Keynote: At Risk or Underserved: Focusing on What Really Matters in Student Learning   

Description: The labels we assign students often influence the questions we ask regarding their learning. During this engaging and provocative session, Ken Williams will take teachers, principals and superintendents on a paradigm-shifting journey of powerful reflection and dialogue centered on the issue of equity. Participants learn to shift traditional thinking, and will be in better position to capitalize on the collective expertise of educators in a collaborative culture and identify best practices that ensure learning for all students.

Afternoon Keynote: Status Quo Disruptor or Defender: Which Will You Choose to Be?

Description: Albert Einstein shared, ‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’ Establishing a ‘learning for ALL’ culture requires this type of mindset. Ken Williams will make the case for why teachers AND leaders are best poised to leverage the power of assessment for this cause, and be the game changers in our field. Walk in with an open mind, and walk out with a powerful choice to make…

Bio: Kenneth C. Williams is a former teacher, assistant principal, and principal. He shares his experience and expertise as a recognized trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant in education and leadership. Skilled in developing productive, student-focused learning environments, Kenneth is former principal of The Learning Academy at E. J. Swint in Jonesboro, Georgia, and Damascus Elementary School in Damascus, Maryland. His firsthand experience with transforming challenged schools translates into action-oriented presentations that inspire hope, create a clear vision, and offer practical strategies to those overwhelmed by challenges.

His leadership was crucial to creating a successful professional learning community (PLC) at Damascus, a challenged school that needed a new direction. The results of his efforts can be seen across all grade levels. Over a two-year period, the school’s state standardized test scores revealed a significant increase in the percentage of students performing at proficient and advanced levels. The process of building a PLC at E. J. Swint continues thanks to Kenneth’s work in laying a solid foundation in this underserved community.

Kenneth earned a bachelor of arts from Morehouse College, a master of science from the University of Bridgeport, and an administration and supervision certificate from Bowie State University.