ADM Middle School has implemented “Tiger Time”, which is a combination of intervention, enrichment and choice activities during the school day.  The mission of this time is to devote time to “Every student. Every standard.”  To support the choice activities portion of Tiger Time, all students were introduced to four choice activities and then took a survey of their interest in each activity.  From there, students were placed in an activity during certain days of the week.  

One of the four choice activities that you might find students engaged in during our Tiger Time is called “passion projects.”  These students and more are engaged in something that is of interest to them, researching something that they have been wondering about, or taking on learning something that they’ve always wanted a little time to investigate. 

Learning is more meaningful to students when they are engaged in the work at hand and passion projects is an avenue for students to pursue their strengths and passions in life. Unleashing creativity and curiosity along with giving students time and the tools to be innovative is a definite goal of the passion project.