On Monday, June 11th, the ADM School Board approved new ADM logos and brand elements to represent the ADM Community School District. The vote culminates months of work by the ADM Branding Committee and will usher in a new look for the ADM Tigers.

The ADM Branding Committee included representatives from ADM administration, teaching staff, and alumni. The committee worked hard to develop a set of brand elements and colors that represent a standard of excellence in academics, athletics, and all other programs valued by the ADM Community School District. The final result is a new look that will reinforce the core essence of ADM’s school pride, accomplishment and spirit.

The final set of brand elements include ADM lettering with the full tiger mascot, tiger mascot head, and tiger mascot paw print.  Each logo can be used in a variety of formats and is customizable with specific text for sports, fine arts, clubs and more.  For additional information about the new logos, brand colors, and use of the logo, please visit the following webpage: ADM Logos