Our ADM Middle School Students have done it again. They have demonstrated their depth and breadth of knowledge in multiple subject areas on the Iowa Assessments! The standardized tests were administered February 7-9 and we received our district score reports last month. The data reflects proficiency in various subject areas and is reported as a percentage of the student body (6-8) that scored proficient or above on the assessments.

In Reading 87% of our students scored proficient or above, 89% in Math, and in Reading 94% of our students scored proficient or above. These percentages communicate that the vast majority of our middle school students are progressing at grade level or beyond. Congratulations to our students on another successful year in their learning journey! They should be very proud of what they are learning and how they have been able to demonstrate their knowledge!

As a form of celebration, the middle school held a pajama day on Thursday, April 6th. Students were encouraged to wear their PJs to school for the day and many students (and teachers) took full advantage. See photos below of our celebratory PJ day!