Dissection is one of those science activities that tends to stick in our minds years after the actual experience. Whether we were the student rip-roaring and ready to cut in or the one who couldn’t eat lunch that day because our stomach was in a knot, dissection has a lasting impression on a student.

In Mr. Hall’s 7th grade science class, students recently dissected cow eyeballs. Whichever of the above described students you may be, this is a really neat activity. To make the deal even sweeter, High School students from Ms. Boesen’s Biomedical Sciences class, came each period of the day to lead lab groups through the dissection. High School students guided 7th graders as they cut in a removed parts of the eye and also explained the name and function of each part. Working in groups of 3 or 4, with their own High School guide, all students had the opportunity to get some incredible hands on experience.

Check out pictures of the process below!