During the month of February ADM Middle and High Schools held a coin drive to raise money for families affected by childhood cancer. The money was donated through an organization called Beat Cancer Today, based in Swisher, IA. Learn more about Beat Cancer Today by following this link.

The fundraiser was a HUGE success! When the event wrapped up on Monday, February 27th, the estimated total raised was over $9,000! This is a tremendous amount of money and a true testament to the compassion and kindness of our families in the ADM school district.

The fundraiser was set up as a competition between homerooms, for a little added fun. Thus, we have a number of winners to announce! Prizes were awarded to the homeroom in each grade that had the most points (this means that coins were positive and bills were negative). A prize was also awarded to the homeroom across all three grade levels that had the most points. Additionally, the grade which raised the most money won a prize. And finally, the homeroom whose score was furthest negative (meaning they brought in lots of dollar bills) also won a prize. See photos below of the various winning homerooms!