New forces are at work in the ADM Middle School hallways; additive and subtractive forces are evident, even outside of the math rooms. The penny war is under way! For one week now, students have been donating coins and paper money by making deposits to various homerooms’ jars. Why has this been happening, you ask?

Beat Cancer Today is a non-profit organization based in Swisher, IA. The organization was founded by a group of parents who had been directly impacted by childhood cancer. 100% of the money raised during this fundraiser will go directly towards research into cures and causes of various childhood cancers.

Here’s how the penny war works. Each homeroom is a team and has their own jar for depositing money. Each cent = 1 point. However, coins represent positive points, while paper money represents negative points. For example a quarter dropped in means 25 points, while a dollar bill dropped in means -100 points!

As homerooms compete to raise the most money and accumulate the most points, more and more money is donated to support childhood cancer research! So, if your child comes home asking for coins, now you know why! Another way that we can support this cause is by purchasing Beat Cancer Today t-shirts. They have designed a shirt specifically for ADM. More information about how to purchase shirts to come!