ADM Schools has had a long history of high achievement on district and state assessments.

The Iowa Assessment is a standardized test that is reported at the state level.  It is one piece of data used to determine student growth and make decisions about instruction and professional development for our school.   ADM 3rd-11th grade students take the Iowa Assessments February 6-10.

Your child will take several sub-tests within the Iowa Assessments including Reading, Mathematics, Science, Computation and written language concepts.

Some strategies for the Reading Tests might include:

  • Reading the questions of a reading passage prior to reading the passage in order to frame your thinking
  • Determining if the answer is found in the text or if it is inferred
  • Eliminate incorrect answers

Some strategies for the Math Tests might include:

  • Not spending too much time on one specific problem
  • Use scratch paper when needed
  • Consider if the answer seems sensible

Your support in preparing students for success during Iowa Assessment week might include:

  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • Having a healthy breakfast
  • Activating their mind and body by getting enough physical activity
  • Sharing positive messages about testing with your child