One need not bend their ear to hear a 6th grader grumble about not being able to participate in school-sponsored activities. But directly upstairs, it is no less difficult to hear a 7th grader excited about last night’s game or the upcoming competition!

The reality is, that the most valuable experiences for our 6th graders are in community-sponsored athletics. This is the case for many surrounding communities. That being said, below is a taste of what they can look forward to next year.

Roaming around the hallways this fall, as 7th graders are just dipping their toes in the waters of school-sponsored activities, these are some comments that can be heard…


“It’s awesome!”
– Jack Banwart (football)
“You’re representing your school.”
– Matt Dufoe (football)
“It’s really fun. I really like it. I’ve always wanted to be a cheerleader.”
– Lilah Hegerty
“I like running. Just improving and getting more physically fit. It would be, probably a 9.”
– Michael Payne (XC)
“Teams are bigger and we get to practice everyday. And we get to leave early from school.”
– Volleyball Girls
“I did Volleyball and Cross Country. Eventually we’ll decide if we want to play Volleyball or Cross Country. It feels good to run for my school.”
– Cross Country Girls