On June 3rd the garden was planted with the purpose of providing an area for monarch butterflies to lay eggs and feed on their favorite flower nectar.  The garden is 35′ x 40′ and contains milkweeds (which is the only plant monarchs will lays eggs on) as well as cone flowers, zinnias, marigolds, and day lilies for their favorite nectar.  It is also home to two hummingbird feeders.

Today, only 3% of the monarchs that we once had, are alive and they are critical to plant pollination. While considering the project, several articles were read concerning the depletion of monarchs and how they are threatened due to the use of GMOs and killing off of milkweed.

The process included much volunteer help.  Brad Baier did the tilling work and many SEAL students and their parents participated in the planting, building of the fence, placing of mulch for paths, summer watering, and endless weeding. Mrs. Clowser was instrumental in obtaining the SEAL grant from the University of Iowa.  We are now in the second years of the process. Thank you so much Brad, Mrs. Clowser and SEAL students!

Future plans include re-planting the annuals in the Spring and hopefully making a second garden to attract the proposed state butterfly, the Speyeria Idalia.