A message from the Superintendent:

It is our normal practice to cancel evening activities if school is cancelled due to weather. However, due to how much improvement we expect in the rural roads by this afternoon, all of our evening activities are still on. This includes the first grade concert and the 9/JV/Varsity boys basketball games.

I do apologize for any inconvenience due to today’s cancellation. We intensely wanted to hold school after the delay, but the rural road conditions in the southern part of the district were extremely icy and had not improved enough to run our buses. We considered having buses run on “main roads only” but that would entail parents having to drive on the ice to meet the bus, and our high school drivers would also have been out on the roads in these areas.

Again, I apologize for the position this puts many parents in on days like this. I am hoping for no more schedule changes due to weather – we have had three snow days, and our last day of school is now Friday, June 3.