The Next Generation Technology committee, which includes district teachers, administrators, students, parents, and one board member, is working to develop a plan for our “second-generation” technology deployment. This work is timed to precede years 5-10 of the PPEL levy, wherein technology spending is not previously-allocated and would enable us to implement a vision for the next six years that closely reflects our current technology environment.

The committee has begun its work by learning about different approaches to school technology in general, and reviewing our present reality. In the coming months, the committee will narrow down the list of available options based upon our current technology usage, needs, and potential areas for growth, and will visit districts that have previously-embraced some of those options in order to learn what has and has not worked in other places. By the spring, we will present a proposed plan that could guide our second generation of technology investment.

For more information about the technology planning process, please contact Director of Technology Adam Kurth.