Students at DeSoto Intermediate School have a new opportunity to demonstrate their leadership qualities with a program called Tiger Riders. Our school is in the third week of implementation. Any student can apply to be a Tiger Rider if they feel they exemplify responsible, safe, and respectful behaviors on the buses and want to recognize those qualities in others.

How does it work?

desoto_tiger_riderEach week, the Tiger Rider staff selects 1-2 Tiger Riders for each bus. The Tiger Riders are selected and trained with regard to the purpose of the program and how to be a successful bus helper.

Tiger Riders then give tickets to students and share why that student is deserving of the ticket. Tiger Riders will only address positive behaviors and will only select times to give tickets that are safe and acceptable for a bus ride.

We encourage your child to apply to be a Tiger Rider. Extending PBIS onto the buses is the natural next step for our building. Tiger Riders provides another opportunity for student leaders and to acknowledge students for the phenomenal behavior they display throughout the day.

Here’s what past Tiger Riders have said about the difference they made on the buses during their week:

  • “The bus calmed down with a Tiger Rider on the bus. The voice level was quieter and I liked being able to recognizing the students on my bus.” Abby S.
  • “Being a Tiger Rider helped my bus. The students knew if they were ROARing, they could get rewarded. Kids are sitting more. I can’t wait to be a Tiger Rider again” Brooklyn B.
  • “I was on the look for kids doing the right things on my bus and I saw them doing it. Students do way better on the bus with a Tiger Rider.” Payton T.
  • “It was fun to be a Tiger Rider and being able to help my bus. There was less trash on the floor when I was a Tiger Rider.” Ethan A.