While our construction dust hasn’t quite settled yet, the new classroom additions at Adel Elementary and DeSoto Intermediate are up and running with the start of the new school year.

As detailed on our Construction Projects page, Adel Elementary saw the construction of seven new classrooms over the summer, in addition to substantial renovations in other areas of the building.  DeSoto Intermediate received a 10-classroom addition, as well as the addition of a main office area and renovations to several parts of the existing building.  As parents are certainly aware, both schools received substantial upgrades to the parking and pickup/dropoff infrastructure, although some of those improvements have yet to be fully completed.

The new rooms have allowed us to move classrooms and programs into much more appropriate spaces, and have also helped to accommodate the addition of a number of classroom sections, keeping class sizes low as our enrollment expands.  While we look forward to being able to wrap up construction entirely at these two schools, it’s been a great start to the year thus far.