Work For An Activity Pass

ADM community members and staff are given the opportunity to volunteer at ADM sporting events in exchange for a single or family activity pass.


  • Single Pass: Required to work 3 events
  • Family Pass: Required to work 4 events

How The Process Works:

  • “Work For” activity passes are given to volunteers intending to work for an activity pass prior to actually completing the required volunteer hours.  This allows patrons to plan to volunteer at events throughout the year that best fit their schedule.
  • Anyone wanting to work for a pass should contact Lisa Wilken at or 515-993-4819 for more information.

Unmet Work Requirements: Any individual that received a “work for pass” but did not fulfill the work requirement by the end of the athletic calendar year will be required to pay the remaining “balance” of the pass provided (shown below).

  • $30.00 per event short of the requirement for single pass
  • $50.00 per event short of the requirement for family pass 

Individuals with remaining balances from unfulfilled work requirements will not be allowed to work for passes in subsequent years until the remaining activity pass balance has been paid in full.







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