Semester Test Exemptions

Semester Test Exemptions: 9th -12th grade criteria: All teachers have the right to not allow opting out of their semester tests.

To receive a semester test exemption, students must meet the following criteria:
+Students must have earned a 93%-100%% for the semester.
+Students must have six or fewer absences for the semester. All absences count towards this total, including illnesses, college visits, doctor’s appointments, etc. The only three exceptions are school-sponsored field trips, funerals, and administrative excused absences.
+Teachers must sign the opt-out form.
+Students who are truant during the semester are ineligible to opt out of any course.
+Students who skip mandatory tutoring are ineligible to opt out of any course.
+Students may opt out of a maximum of three classes; one core class and two electives, if they meet the criteria and the teacher allows for opting out in that class.
+Students enrolled in an AP class, for that semester, may opt out of any three courses regardless of core or elective status. This is due to the increased workloads and AP student’s inability to register for elective courses.

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