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Math iPad/iPhone/iPod Apps

Math Drills Light: This app aids in the practice of addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. The user can choose to review, practice or test themselves over learned basic facts. This app is free.
Math Doodles: Students use this app for many algebraic games.  It features 5 games that allow students to use their place value, addition, and subtraction skills.  This app costs $2.99.
Addition and Multiplication Number Bubbles: Users can practice basic facts for addition and multiplication. Currently in the classroom it is used for addition. Users choose bubbles that add up to a target number. This app cost $1.99.
Mathmateer Free: Users can practice a variety of math facts from money to geometry.  The more correct answers users get the longer they keep their rocket floating in space.
Math Bingo: Users choose an operation (+, -, x, ÷) and then answer the math equations on the Bingo board.  Each time the user completes a round they are given another bug! This app costs $1.99
A Math Regrouping App: Addition and Subtraction: Students will use this free app to review regrouping.  This app works for regrouping addition or subtraction.
Marble Math Junior: This app allows the users to review a variety of skills. This app has three different levels that parents can customize for their learners. The app costs $1.99
Freefall Money: Students will use this app to learn how to count money.  The app supports practicing with either US or Euro coins. This app costs $1.99.
Freefall Time: This app is a fun way to learn how to tell time. This is entertaining and builds their telling time skills. They can set the time or choose the correct time. This app costs $1.99.
Freefall Math:This is app is another chance for students to practice basic facts in a game environment. This app costs $1.99.
Operation Math Code Squad:  Addition and subtraction strategies for numbers 1-20.  This app costs $2.99.


Literacy iPad/iPhone/iPod Apps

PopWords!:  This free app is similar to Boggle.  It allows the user to create words from a bank of letters.  The more words you create the more points you get.
English Grammar – Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs for all levels: This free app helps kids to learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. They can learn how to recognize them and use them in sentences.
Chicktionary: This is a free app that has students making words using a bank of letters.  One option within the app is a time limit to aid in fluency of word work.
Mad Libs: A free app that reinforces parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) and encourages students to practice the writing process.
Spell games by Tap To Learn:  Allows students to test spelling skills against commonly misspelled words.  This app is free.
Spelling Hero Game:  Comprehensive practice for spelling bees.  This app provides word definitions and correct pronunciation.  This is a free app.
Word Wizard: This $4.99 app has a talking alphabet that allows kids to build words.  It has three different ability levels.
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