The following is a summary of the daily reading components:

  • Guided Reading: small group instruction based on student needs.
  • Reader’s Workshop: whole group instruction with an in-depth focus on how reading works.
  • Read Aloud: the teacher reads literature to the students modeling strategies with a focus on comprehension.
  • Shared Reading: the teacher and students participate in reading an enlarged text.
  • Independent Reading: students read literature of their choice at their independent level to practice fluent and phrased reading.


Units of Study
Building a Reading Life
How Readers Respond to Their Reading Through Writing
Road Map of Fiction
Interpretation of Illustrations in Fiction and Nonfiction
Determine Central Message, Lesson, or Moral of Story
Compare & Contrast Different Versions of the Same Story
Identifying the Main Purpose of a Text
Asking & Answering Questions Within Fiction and Nonfiction
Compare & Contrast Two Texts on the Same Topic
Book Talks
Literature Discussion Groups


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