Our writing time will focus on both the process of writing (what it means to be a writer living through the actual work of writing) and the products of writing (genres).

Units of Study Time Frame of Study
Getting Started 1 week
Who Is a Writer? 1 week
Kinds of Things Writers Make 2 weeks
How to Read Like Writers 2 weeks
Where Writers Get Ideas 1 week
Adding Text to Our Work 1 week
Illustrations 2 weeks
How to Use Punctuation 2 weeks
Obvious Text Structures 3 weeks
Author Study: Laura Numeroff 2 weeks
Non-Fiction 4 weeks
Author Study: Anna Dewdney 2 weeks
Poetry 2 weeks
Advice Writing 2 weeks
How to Use Punctuation 1 week
Obvious Text Structures 2 weeks
Literary Non-Fiction 3 weeks
Revision 2 weeks
Practical How-To 2 weeks


In addition to Writer’s Workshop, Adel Elementary teaches handwriting. Our handwriting program connects with Handwriting Without Tears and uses many of its elements. Letters are introduced in a formal manner with children having many opportunities for modeling, guided practice, and independent practice.

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