The following is a brief summary of the different reading activities your child will take part in daily in first grade:

  1. Guided Reading: small group reading instruction based on student needs.
  2. Reader’s Workshop: whole group reading instruction with an in-depth focus on how reading works. This includes a mini lesson, time to read independently, and a time for students to share their noticings about what they’ve read.
  3. Read Aloud
  4. Shared and Interactive Reading: students are involved in reading an enlarged text
  5. Independent Reading: students read of their choice at their independent level to practice fluent and phrased reading.


Unit of Study
Building a Reading Life
How to Introduce a Book to Yourself
Decoding Strategies
How to Distinguish Between Books that Tell Stories and Books that Share Information
Types of Nonfiction and How to Navigate Nonfiction
Literacy Notebooks
Characters Matter
Road Map of Fiction
Comparing Similarities and Differences of Texts on the Same Topic
How Illustrations Convey Meaning
Literature Discussion Groups
Fiction Story Elements
Main Idea & Key Details
Author Study: Cynthia Rylant
Powerful Phrases
Determining Importance
Summarizing Nonfiction
Summarizing Fiction
Inferring/Figurative Language
Character Comparison
Point of View


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