ADM Preschool Family – Registration For Kindergarten


Students who currently attend ADM’s 4 year old preschool program are already considered enrolled and part of an existing family at ADM.  By completing the form listed below you are NOT completing the registration process. Parents of children who attend ADM’s 4 year old preschool program will complete the online registration process in June when full registration opens to all returning ADM students/families.  The form below is only used to gather your intent to attend Kindergarten at ADM in order to help with proper planning for the next school year.


To help with planning, we need to know if your child plans to attend Kindergarten at ADM next school year.  Complete the following form to indicate if your current 4 year old preschool student will be attending Kindergarten at ADM next year.


4 Year Old Preschool to Kindergarten Form

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