Visual Arts

The ADM Visual Arts department engages students in developing critical thinking skills through visual art media, techniques, and processes.

We do this by creating a place where students enjoy learning and creating.  Students develop critical thinking skills by using multiple idea generation and planning processes, while adapting to changing circumstances.  In doing so, students experience creative problem-solving through the lenses of culture, visual media, and productivity.

Our Middle School Art Program

All students in grades 6-8 are instructed in art.  Our courses offer an exploration of the elements of art (line, space, texture, value, shape, form, and color), and also expose students to the principles of design (balance, rhythm, movement, proportion, variety, emphasis, and unity).  These elements and principles are implemented through difference types of media and techniques, including a variety of mediums such as graphite, paint, watercolor, colored pencils, pastels, and clay.  In order to strike an interdisciplinary appeal, we integrate students’ projects with their work in other subject areas.

Sharing Our Art

Our 7th grade students participate in the Lion’s Club Peace Poster contest.  In the past, we have had four students receive 1st place awards in the district and go on to compete at the state level.  Further, we celebrate the fine arts each year with a student art display combined with a performance by our jazz band.

Each year, four 6th and 7th grade student works are selected for display at the Des Moines Arts Festival.  Beyond that, we also display student artwork at, sharing our work at an international level.

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