Eligibility Guidelines

Activities Eligibility

While activities are an important part of the educational experience at ADM, success in the classroom comes first.  Information concerning activities eligibility is listed below; if you have questions about the policy, please contact the ADM Schools Activities Office.  Questions regarding grades should be directed to the building office.

A. General Terms of Eligibility

1. Academic Eligibility Requirements for Athletics: To participate in co-curricular athletic activities a student must pass all classes at the end of the semester.  If a student does not pass all classes, he/she is ineligible for the next 30 consecutive calendar days and inclusive weekends during which he/she is a participant in any activity if they are already in the middle of the season.  The first day of ineligibility shall be the first business day after report cards are available.  If an athlete fails a class and he/she is not currently in a sport they will be ineligible for the first 30 consecutive days after the first playing date of their sport.  This rule only affects high school students (9-12).  A student participating in a summer sport (baseball or softball) will have the same penalty as all other students.  The first day of ineligibility shall be the first business day after report cards are available.  For more information or guidance on the scholarship rule you may go to the IAHSAA website which is www.iahsaa.org then click on school resource center, then eligibility information and then Guidance on Scholarship rule 36 and there are several pages of information.  Additionally, whenever a student’s name (grade 9-12) appears on the failing/incomplete list, he/she will be considered ineligible on Tuesday through Monday of that week. Failing/Incomplete lists will be generated on Mondays, with ineligibility starting on Tuesday. Students can gain eligibility back by completing their work and turning it in or pulling their grade up to passing. As soon as the office is notified by the teacher that the student is complete or passing, the student regains eligibility. ADM will maintain compliance with all state laws governing student eligibility.

2.  7th & 8th grade students, who have not completed all their work or have not done satisfactory work in a course, will be placed on the Incomplete/Failing list. Students are not incomplete if they have been ill or absent with good reason until they have had the allowed time to make up the work – one day for each day absent. As soon as the work is completed satisfactorily, the incomplete will be removed. A supervised after school study hall room is available from 3:35 to 4:30 pm. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Students may use this room to complete incomplete work, make-up work, and study for upcoming quizzes and tests.

3. The Incomplete/Failing List is based on the standards that each individual teacher has structured for his/her class. 7th and 8th grade students who are incomplete are not eligible to participate in athletic contests but may practice at the discretion of the coach. 7th and 8th grade students who are failing must go to the supervised after school study room from 3:35 to 4:30 p.m. and then may go to practice. 7th and 8th grade students who are failing are ineligible for athletic contests until the failing grade is brought up to a minimum grade of 70%. When 7thand 8th grade students turn in incomplete work and/or raise their failing grade to a minimum of 70%, they will regain their eligibility for athletic contests.

B. Academic Eligibility Requirements for Music, Speech and Drama:

To participate in co-curricular music, speech and drama activities a student must pass all classes at the end of the semester.  If a student does not pass all classes, he/she is ineligible for 30 consecutive school days and inclusive weekends.  The first day of ineligibility shall be the first school day following the day grades are issued by the district.  Ineligibility for students who fail a second semester course will carry over to the first semester of the next school year and begin the first day.  Additionally, whenever a student’s name appears on the failing/incomplete list in two of the same subject areas two weeks in a row, he/she will be considered ineligible on Tuesday through Monday of the following week. Assessed performances are not to be included. A student with a disability who has an IEP shall not be denied on the basis of “no pass, no play,” if the student is making adequate progress, to be determined by school officials. ADM will maintain compliance with all state laws governing student eligibility.

2. Students in athletics, music, speech, or drama activities:

3a. must be under 20 years of age,

3b. are eligible for a maximum of eight semesters or less,

3c. special education students or students covered by a Section 504 plan shall not be denied eligibility on the basis of scholarship if the student is making adequate progress, as determined by the student’s IEP team, towards the goals and objectives on the student’s IEP or 504 plan,

3d. must conform to the guidelines of the ADM Student Activity Code,

3e. must abide by any additional regulations that are made in writing and passed out by the head coach/director previous to the beginning of the activity season. These rules should be submitted to the AD prior to the season for advance approval. Following approval they will be kept on file by the high school AD.

3f. must be present for the ENTIRE SCHOOL DAY to participate in an activity (plays, musicals, sport activities, cheerleading, dance, clubs, organizations, etc.) that night. He/she must be in school for periods 5,6,7,8 to practice an activity that day after school. Exceptions: funerals, scheduled appointments, and any family emergency at the discretion of the AD/Principal.  Doctor’s note is required prior to participation of activity.  These are to be cleared by the building principal or the activities director,

3g. will be the responsibility of the student to inform the coach, director or sponsor of the absence and subsequent inability to participate in practice, competition or public performance if the absence from class was without proper approval given by the activities director or designee, and

3h. each faculty member in charge of activities will be responsible for notifying students of the status of their eligibility. It is the responsibility of the coach or director to notify students of their ineligibility to participate in an activity.

3. Students in athletics:

4a. must have not been a member of a college squad nor trained with a college, nor participated in a college contest nor engaged in that sport professionally,

4b. must have on file: a physical exam and a parent/student release form. The student must be enrolled or dual-enrolled in the ADM Community School District,

4c. if the student is a transfer student, he/she must meet all transfer requirements; if the student is an open enrollment student, he/she must be eligible under state law regulations.

Q: What is a bona fide contestant?

This is a student who is presently or previously has competed in an interscholastic athletic activity. Absent injury, illness, or similar circumstances outside of the student’s control, a student must be participating in a the activity to be considered a bona fide contestant in that activity.

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