The 2022-23 semester 1 Open Campus registration period is now closed

We anticipate Semester 2 registration will be open January 13th – 20th, 2023. (If your student was registered for Open Campus Semester 1, it is not necessary to register them again for Semester 2).

Schedules may not reflect Open Campus privileges for at least 2 business days once school begins; please do not submit multiple requests. Students are expected to follow what is active on their current schedules, (i.e., attending assigned study halls), until changes have been made by office staff. Students who fail to report to assigned classes are subject to designated consequences.”

ADM High School Open Campus Policy:

1. Students will be eligible for open campus/open lunch only if they meet the following criteria:
● Open campus/open lunch is not open for freshmen. Freshmen are not eligible for open campus.
● ADM High School allows SOPHOMORE, JUNIOR, AND SENIOR STUDENTS ONLY to have open lunch and open campus. Students must meet and maintain the specific criteria to be eligible for this privilege.
● Students must be passing all of their classes with a C- or above at the end of the
semester to keep open campus privileges.
● Students may earn open campus/open lunch privileges back after the semester break by passing all of their courses with a C- or above.
● Students MUST maintain regular attendance and meet the behavior expectations
outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook.
● Any absence that is determined to be “skipping” will result in the loss of open
campus/open lunch privileges for 90 days.
● Students must be back to their next class on time.
● Open campus privileges may be revoked at any time by the administration at any time for attendance, behavior, or lack of satisfactory academic progress. Please see the ADM High School student handbook for more details.

2. Students who have open campus will not be in the hallways or other parts of the building or on school grounds during their open campus periods, including the parking lots, unless they are under the supervision of a teacher. Of course a reasonable amount of time is permitted to come and go as dictated by student schedules.

3. This is a year-long permission form. Parents may revoke their student’s open campus by contacting the high school office. Once revoked, open campus will not be reinstated until semester break, with parent permission.