Integrated Unit

The following is a description of each unit of study and the time frame of study for integrated unit taught in Prekindergarten.

Unit of Study Time Frame of Study
School Rules and Routines 1 week
All About Me 1 week
Friendship 1 week
Community 2 weeks
Safety/Health 2 weeks
Who is a Scientist? 2 weeks
Seasons 1 week
Fall Weather 1 week
Thanksgiving 2 weeks
Family and World Neighbors 1 week
Traditions, Giving, Friends and Neighbors 1 week
Needs and Wants 1 week
Winter Holidays 1 week
Pushes, Pulls, and Ramps 3 weeks
Famous Holidays 1 week
Winter Weather 1 week
Valentine’s Day 1 Week
Famous Americans 2 weeks
Dinosaurs 2 weeks
Spring Weather 1 week
Plants, Animals, Insects 5 weeks
Summer Weather 1 week










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