Our math time is divided between whole group, small group, and individual work with students. We begin each lesson by reviewing concepts already learned and needed for skill building. After a whole group lesson, students either work independently, in pairs, or in small groups to practice new concepts and skills. We use many resources to support our math curriculum including the GoMath! series, Larry Leutzinger books about addition and subtraction, NCTM books based on the content standards, and various internet sources as well as lessons we’ve created over the years. We align our math curriculum with the Iowa Core. We teach place value, addition, subtraction, problem-solving, geometry, and measurement. A large focus of first grade math instruction includes fluent math fact computation. Students participate in daily math fact practice in addition and subtraction.

Unit of Study                                                      Time Frame of Study

Addition Concepts                                                2 weeks

Addition Strategies                                               4 weeks

Subtraction Concepts                                          2 weeks

Subtraction Strategies                                         4 weeks

Count and Model Numbers to 120                    2 weeks

Compare Numbers                                               1 week

Measurement/Time                                              2 weeks

Review                                                                     1 week

Fact Families                                                          1 week

Finding an Unknown Number                              1 week

Balanced Equations                                              1 week

Decomposing Numbers                                       1 week

Two Digit Addition                                                 2 weeks

Two Digit Subtraction                                           1 week

Represent Data (Graphs)                                      2 weeks

Review                                                                     1 week

Three-Dimensional Geometry                             1 week

Two-Dimensional Geometry                                1 week

Money                                                                      1 week

Fractions                                                                 1 week

Even/Odd                                                                1 week

Getting Ready for 2nd grade                                4 weeks

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