The following is a brief summary of the different reading activities your child will take part in daily in first grade:

  1. Guided Reading: small group reading instruction based on student needs.
  2. Reader’s Workshop: whole group reading instruction with an in-depth focus on how reading works. This includes a mini lesson, time to read independently, and a time for students to share their noticings about what they’ve read.
  3. Read Aloud
  4. Shared and Interactive Reading: students are involved in reading an enlarged text
  5. Independent Reading: students read of their choice at their independent level to practice fluent and phrased reading.


Unit of Study Length of Study
Building a Reading Life 2 weeks
How to Introduce a Book to Yourself 1 week
Decoding Strategies 2 weeks
How to Distinguish Between Books that Tell Stories and Books that Share Information 2 weeks
Types of Nonfiction and How to Navigate Nonfiction 2 weeks
Literacy Notebooks 1 week
Characters Matter 1 week
Setting 1 week
Road Map of Fiction 2 weeks
Comparing Similarities and Differences of Texts on the Same Topic 2 weeks
How Illustrations Convey Meaning 2 weeks
Literature Discussion Groups 2 weeks
Fiction Story Elements 1 week
Main Idea & Key Details 1 week
Author Study: Cynthia Rylant 2 weeks
Powerful Phrases 2 weeks
Punctuation 1 week
Determining Importance 2 weeks
Summarizing Nonfiction 1 week
Summarizing Fiction 1 week
Inferring/Figurative Language 2 weeks
Character Comparison 1 week
Point of View 1 week


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