Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery:

Reading Recovery® is a highly effective short-term intervention that provides 1:1 tutoring to first grade students who are achieving below the average of their class in reading and writing. This program is delivered by trained Reading Recovery® teachers daily for 12-20 weeks in 30 minute pullout lessons. The goal of Reading Recovery® is to reduce the number of students who show difficulty in literacy activities.

Who can qualify for Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery serves the lowest achieving first grade students who are reading or writing below the average of their class.

How is a student selected for Reading Recovery?

When there is availability for a student to enter the program, the lowest 20% of the first grade class is tested using six different assessments (Observation Survey). The Reading Recovery teachers will analyze the results of the Observation Surveys to select students for the Reading Recovery program.

What are the possible outcomes for students after Reading Recovery?

  1. In the United States, after a full series of lessons, about 75% of students achieve grade level standards. These students are successfully discontinued and will continue to receive core curriculum instruction in their first grade classroom.
  2. Those students that are continuing to experience difficulty in reading or writing are recommended for further support. These supports could include: additional classroom support, Title I reading, or a recommendation to evaluate for special education services.

For more information please visit the website for the Reading Recovery Council of North America at

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