I'm encouraging...
personal and academic growth.

Aaron Mager

As a middle school guidance counselor and high school basketball coach, Aaron Mager loves to help students grow and mature academically, personally and athletically.

“Probably the neatest thing you get to see both as a coach and as a counselor is individual personal growth socially, academically and as an athlete. You get to watch those kids mature and physically and emotionally become the best they can be at the high school level. Those are exciting things to see, kids get better and better.”

Whether on the court, in the classroom, on the job or at home, collaboration and teamwork are critical. “In basketball, it’s a sense of community, a sense of collaboration. It’s a team game. Even here as students, most of our classes are very collaborative. I think that’s important for their life skills as they move forward, no matter what kind of career they choose, and as a family man or family woman.”

Those are exciting things to see, kids get better and better.
- Aaron Mager
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