Preschool Clothing Unit

Students attending ADM’s four year old preschool program are currently in the middle of a clothing unit of study.   This study helps children explore the features of clothing, identify special clothing for various events, and learn how clothing […]

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6th Grade Science: Chemical Reactions

6th grade students are studying chemical reactions in science class. Here, students are investigating the properties of two different substances and creating a chemical  reaction commonly referred to as “elephant toothpaste” on the Internet. This task helped students […]

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2020 Iowa School Performance Profiles

The Iowa Department of Education recently updated new results to an online school accountability reporting system called the Iowa School Performance Profiles. The Iowa School Performance Profiles, launched in 2018, meets state and federal requirements to publish report […]

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5th Grade DARE Program

Officer Keller has been spending time in 5th grade classrooms teaching students through the DARE Program.  The DARE Program focuses on teaching students decision making skills that will lead to safe and healthy living.  After the completion of […]

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