Board Policies

The ADM Community School District operates according to policies established by its board of directors.  The board develops policies after careful deliberation, and the school administration implements them through specific regulations and procedures.  The board review and evaluates its policies on a regular basis, and makes revisions as necessary.

Each of the sections below contains all board policies pertaining to that topic.  Further, you can use the search tool in the upper-right corner of the site to search the entire site, including the contents of board policies, for specific keywords.  If you have a question about board policies, please contact the ADM Schools administrative office.

Board Policies by Section

100 Series: School District Policies

200 Series: Board of Directors (School Board) Policies

300 Series: Administration Policies

400 Series: Personnel Policies

500 Series: Students Policies

600 Series: Educational Program Policies

700 Series: Non-Instructional Operation and Business Services Policies

800 Series: Building and Sites Policies

900 Series: School District-Community Relations Policies

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