Wireless Access

Wireless Access for Guests

Visitors to the ADM Schools are welcome to use the district’s guest wireless networks, which are named ADM_Guest. The networks are password-protected and the password is posted in each building, and will provided users with internet access, filtered per federal guidelines.  Visitors making use of the wireless network must agree to abide by the district’s acceptable use policy.

Wireless Access for District-Owned Devices

District-owned devices will automatically connect to the secured wireless networks in each building, and should require no additional configuration.  Please do not attempt to connect district-owned devices to the guest network, as the device may lose access to printers and other internal-network resources.

Wireless Access for Staff/Student Personal Devices

Staff members and students may connect personal devices to their building’s guest wireless network, as listed above.  If a staff member or student requires access to printers, file servers, or other internal-network resources on a personal device, please contact the information technology department to request a personal access code to connect your device to a secure network.

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