Notifications / Emergency Alerts

Whether we’re communicating important details in an emergency situation, distributing information such as school newsletters, or communicating with a parent about their child’s progress in class, it is our goal to provide timely, consistent information to parents and students.  In order to do so, we use the SchoolMessenger notification system for emergencies and large-scale notifications, and the Infinite Campus Messenger for class and activity-related communications.

SchoolMessenger: phone, email, and text alerts

We rely upon the SchoolMessenger notification system to distribute emergency alerts, official district communications, and notifications of event schedule changes.  The contact information in SchoolMessenger is synchronized with our Infinite Campus data, and can be updated via the Infinite Campus portal.

Infinite Campus Portal

Infinite Campus Support Information

By default, emergency communications will be sent via phone and email.  In order to receive text alerts, you must text the word SUBSCRIBE to the number 68453 using a cell phone that is entered as a contact phone number in Infinite Campus.

Classroom Communications

Teachers communicate with parents and students regarding classroom updates, lesson plans, and topics relating to individual students using Infinite Campus Messenger, as well as course websites such as Moodle and the Infinite Campus LMS.  The contact information for communicating via Campus Messenger, as with SchoolMessenger, can be updated using the Infinite Campus Portal.

Messaging Policy

While we believe that frequent and consistent communication between the school and the home is crucial, we also try to be mindful of the fact that our parents and students live in a connected world where communications can easily become overwhelming.  In order to mitigate these issues, we’ve implemented a messaging policy that guides the types of communications that can be sent via different mediums, and directs district staff as to who is responsible for certain types of communication.

The district office will distribute all emergency communications and notifications involving multiple buildings, as well as a district newsletter, which is sent via email only.  Building offices will distribute messages impacting that building specifically, such as a building newsletter or principal’s message, and will send all non-emergency communications via email only.  Teacher communications to an entire class of students (or parents) will be sent by email, although teachers will make use of phone and text in order to reach out to individual parents.

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