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The rapid pace with which technology changes in our world necessitates that our students must not only understand how to operate on today’s cutting edge, but indeed must develop a fluency and comfort that will allow them to easily adapt to changing technologies in the future.

The goal of the ADM School District’s technology department is to provide high-quality instructional and operational technology services for the district’s students and staff in support, in an effort to enable all members of the ADM community to rely upon technology tools to explore innovative new opportunities and develop this level of fluency.

As such, the district provides a wide array of technology district wide, including a standard classroom technology suite, general-use sets of devices, and hardware and software intended to support specific programs within the district.  Further, while the district strives to maintain a safe and healthy technology environment, we value the intellectual freedom inherent to technological fluency, and attempt to make our technology resources as accessible and productive as possible for all members of our community.

Classroom Technology Suite

The district’s standard classroom technology suite includes:

  • Integrated projector
  • Classroom-integrated speakers
  • Document camera (MimioView)
  • Interactive whiteboard technology
    • In classrooms with a ceiling-mounted projector, the district uses MimioTeach interactive whiteboard bars.  Otherwise, ultra-short throw Epson 475Wi projectors are used, which include interactive functionality.

Student-Available Devices

Devices available to students throughout the district include desktop computer labs with Mac and Windows devices, mobile and/or classroom-assigned sets including Mac and Windows laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets.

ADM High School

  • 8 computer labs containing 156 Mac and Windows computers
  • 8 mobile carts or classroom-assigned sets containing 185 Mac and Windows laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets
  • Specialty resources serve our PLTW Engineering, Biomedical Science, and Computer Science programs
  • ADM Middle School
  • 7 computer labs containing 134 Mac and Windows computers
  • 8 mobile carts or classroom-assigned sets containing 167 Mac and WIndows laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets
  • Specialty resources serve our Gateway to Technology program

DeSoto Intermediate School

  • 1 computer lab containing 25 Mac computers
  • 5 mobile carts containing 107 Chromebooks and iPads
  • Approximately 3 iPads and 3 Chromebooks per classroom, for a total of 195 classroom-assigned devices

Adel Elementary School

  • 2 mobile carts containing 40 iPads
  • Approximately 3 iPads and 1 MacBook per classroom, for a total of 145 classroom-assigned devices

Parent Communication

In addition to our in-building technologies, the technology department supports our student information system, Infinite Campus, as well as the SchoolMessenger notification system, which is used to communicate with parents in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Contact information can be updated for both Infinite Campus and SchoolMessenger via the district’s Infinite Campus parent portal.  You can obtain more information about Infinite Campus, as well as instructions for updating contact information, by visiting our Infinite Campus support page.

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