Online Payments

ADM Uses Infinite Campus connected to RevTrak for online payment of school food and fees.  Use the information below to setup access to RevTrak and online payments.  Please contact Rikki Kuhns at or (515) 993-4283 ext. 7060 with questions about RevTrak and online payments.

Step 1: Create an Infinite Campus Portal Account

In order to use ADM’s Online Payment System, you must first have an Infinite Campus Portal Account.  For information on creating a Portal account, visit the link below.  All students and staff are individually assigned an electronic food service account.

Infinite Campus Support Page                                                                         

Step 2: Create a RevTrak Online Payment Portal Account

ADM uses RevTrak for the collection of online payments.  Creating a RevTrak account will allow users to replenish food accounts and pay other fees electronically.  Use the following link to access RevTrak.  Select ” Create a New Account” to get started.

Access RevTrak   –  Select “Create New Account”                                      

Step 3: Link RevTrack to Infinite Campus

RevTrak needs to be connected to Infinite Campus to accurately pull fees and to share account information.  To connect your RevTrak account to Infinite Campus, login to RevTrak and select ” Student Food and Fee Payments”.  You will be asked to enter your Infinite Campus username and the birth date of one of your students.  Once connected to Infinite Campus, your account is ready to be used.

Access RevTrak   –  Login & Select “Student Feed and Fee Payments”

Step 4:  Adding Funds and Check Account Balances in RevTrak

Select “Student Food and Fee Payments”  to view account balances and to add funds. Users are able to add one time payments or setup an “auto replenish” feature.

Access RevTrak                                                                                                    

Check Account Balances and Daily Transaction in Infinite Campus

Users can also check account balances and view daily transactions directly from within the Infinite Campus Portal.  

  • Locate “Food Service” in the left navigation and click to view 
  • Find heading Transaction Detail, click the “Go” button on the right

Infinite Campus Portal                                                                                       



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